Florida Society 

Children of the American Revolution

Chichi - Okobee  Society

Pioneer Park

1232 12th Street

Sarasota, FL 34236

 Ellie LaCombe and Mary McFate in front of the B-17

Four ladies at a local C.A.R event

 L-R: Gabriella McCoy, Sarasota Military Academy, Civil Air Patrol.  WWII B-17 ball turret gunner Hal Millet.  Ellie LaCombe, President, ChiChi-Okobee Society Children of the American Revolution.  They flew together on the Experimental Aircraft Association's B-17 2/5/2015. Hal told the patriotic young women about his servce during the war, and they asked him questions. The event was covered by television channels and newspapers.

Jennifer Gans presenting examples of the 2013

activity of Chichi-Okobee Society to the

members of Suriname Chapter, FLSSAR


Brian Becker, Jennifer Gans, Jennifer Becker

and Caroline Gans


L-R Gabby McCoy, Hal Millet, Ellie LaCombe in front of the B-17

 Randy Cooper & Mary Lou McFate and the Little Free Library donated to the Conservatory Park by ChiChi.

Jim Valek and his sons Jared & Spencer in front of a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor airplane.

ChiChi Xmas party

Canoe fun!

Left to right: Brian Becker, former president of Chichi- Okobee & winner of the Joanne Hastings Memorial Scholarship for a Chichi-Okobee member.   Jennifer Turner Gans, former Senior Society President, Chichi-Okobee.  Jennifer Becker, President of Chichi-Okobee. Caroline Gans  (small girl in front) All in period costume for a skit they performed in the Whitaker Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Sarasota. It is adjacent to the DAR chapter house in Historic Pioneer Park, where the Chichi-Okobee is headquartered.

​Nyssa Masters and Jennifer Becker

Pioneer Day at the Park

Packing boxes for veterans!

Southeastern Guide Dogs  Walkathon

Pumpkin Party


North Library

Four generations of Patriots: Liam Morgan, Rebecca Bratcher Morgan, David Morgan, Sue Bratcher

Fourth of July Party!

Member Meeting

 Participants in the annual History Fair. The tall adult in the back is Cynthia Flynn, Regent of the Sara DeSoto Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

​Brian Becker and Jennifer Becker.  Participating in a DAR Medal of Honor event. The recipient was Col John Saputo, President of Gold Coast Eagle Distributing.

More Winners!

Winners of the Sarasota County History Fair, sponsored by Sara DeSoto chapter, Daughters for the Amerian Revolution.

"Training Tomorrow's Leaders"

Patriotic Christmas Tree at a C.A.R Christmas Party